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Who: Salazar Slytherin & Helga Hufflepuff.
What: Salazar continues to be a prat. Really.
Where: The Lake.
When: Two days after speaking with Helga, late afternoon.

Salazar was not diplomatic, and it was evident by the fact that he was nursing a bloody nose (along with a smug grin) as he sat by the lake that afternoon.

What had started as a supposedly civil meeting of the minds -- that is, his mind and Godric's mind and their charmingly simple stone mason Theuderic's mind -- ended up turning into an all-out brawl. Slytherin was naturally not to be blamed for the instigation of said conflict, no matter what Godric chose to yell at him as the burly wizard ejected his friend from the disarrayed scarlet tent crowning the hillock. And if Salazar had thrown the first spell, it was a perfectly justifiable response to an insult from Theuderic. Outwardly, of course, it seemed like an unprovoked attack on a perfectly humble and brilliant artisan, but Godric was hardly a reliable witness in the situation, as he had been engrossed in locating a scroll in the vast library he'd forced into his tent and had not witnessed the insulting remark.

After exchanging a few spells and thus resolving that Slytherin was superior at dueling, the brawl excalated to physical blows. It was also resolved that Salazar was superior at that, well before Godric returned to force them apart and throw him out of the tent.

Quite content that he had irreparably damaged something of the stone mason's, be it pride or nose, Slytherin retreated from the immediate area of Gryffindor's wrath over the situation and settled himself inconspicuously under a tree near the lake to access his battle damage. He was in possession of a bloodied but certainly not broken nose, in addition to cuts, scraps, and what would be bruises. While he did not like the look of the potion burn one of Godric's overturned cauldrons had given his forearm, it did not seem serious and was washed in the lake. The most damage that had been done in the fray was to his wand: it was cleanly snapped in twain and the top half was missing, supposedly somewhere in the mess he'd made of his best friend's tent.

Even after inspecting the damage to his wand, damage which he might be unable to repair, Salazar's only real worry was how upset Helga would be when she heard. He only hoped he would be given a chance to explain himself before she hexed him into oblivion.
Who: Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin.
What: Helga has had enough of Salazar's ridiculousness and so she goes to confront him.
Where: The tents.
When: Sometime in the early afternoon.

Salazar was being stupid again.

The troubled had begun the other day.

Working with stone, while not incredibly new, could be troubling to work with. Even with magic, stone still had to be quarried. It had to be shaped. It had to be transported. Muggles had to be kept unaware of these activities. Then, there were the size aspects. A fort could be manageable but something on the scale that Helga and the others were hoping to accomplish was something completely new. It would take more than just Helga, Salazar, Rowena and Godric.

So when Helga had heard that a wizard had done such, she had immediately sought him out. Theuderic had been kind up to travel to Hogsmeade from Normandy to speak with Helga. The castle he built for a very prominent noble in the area and his kin was composed completely of stone. Theuderic was even kind enough to bring with him his plans and notes.

It was all very valuable advice and they had talked at great lengths. Theuderic was very kind, a little too kind in some aspects, but all had gone well until she spied Salazar watching them from afar. He did not say anything to them. Instead he just sort of glowered before moving off. It was only later at dinner that night when he finally did choose to speak. Helga still could not believe that he thought she was being inappropriate around Theuderic. They were speaking, nothing more. They had even been in a public area. What was his problem?

They had gone the rest of the night and the next day without speaking. Helga was content to leave it alone until she spied two small snakes in her tent. She recognized the markings as belonging to Salazar. Was he spying on her?

Immediately Helga had flicked her wand at the pair, transporting them safely into a covered basket. The basket was then picked up before Helga departed from her tent. She was going to have words with Salazar.